Public Can Download Geographical Data From GeoNorge Portal In Norway

Source: ePractice
Published Wednesday, 27 January, 2010 - 15:15

The geoNorge portal allows users to download maps and other geographical data through the Norway WEB digital download central system.

“geoNorge”, the Norwegian national site for map data and other geographic location information, has recently made available geographical data in digital format to the citizens; the data are collected in a central system, Norway WEB digital download, that citizens can access via a user name and password authentication mechanism.

By accessing the system, citizens can consult and download files on elevation data, administrative boundaries, transformation formulas, as well as related topics like cultural heritage, herding and many more. The system provides both county and national data.

geoNorge is part of Norway digitally, a cooperation between public entities with responsibility for establishing and managing the data maps and other geographic information center attached or which are pertinent users of such information.